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A Global Perspective

Universal Capital leverages profound market and industry insights, strategic congruence, and innovative viewpoints when approaching investment prospects across the globe. Covering a broad selection of investment vehicles the foundation is built on comprehensive sector expertise, an international network, and a distinctive approach to assessing risk.


Venture Capital

Operating within the venture capital sphere, emphasis is placed on early-stage startups with a global scope. Targeting companies within growth sectors, the orientation is geared towards the long term. This strategy is designed to foster the sustainable development and success of innovative enterprises worldwide.



Operative in the cryptocurrency domain, attention is directed toward coins and tokens, each serving diverse purposes and demonstrating varied usability. The strategic orientation leans towards the mid-term, embodying a commitment to navigate the dynamic cryptocurrency landscape with a forward-looking perspective.

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Active Trading

Operative within the trading domain, emphasis is placed on futures markets, covering a broad spectrum that includes index markets, commodities, currency pairs, and treasury notes. The strategic orientation leans towards the short term, reflecting a dynamic approach to capitalize on opportunities within these diverse financial instruments.


Art & Collectibles

Operating in art and collectible investing, the emphasis is on paintings that span a diverse range of popular art across various styles and epochs. The focus is directed towards the mid- to long term, indicating a commitment to navigating the dynamic landscape of art and collectibles with a perspective that extends beyond immediate trends.

Sector Expertise

Leveraging extensive research, rigorous due diligence, and active investment initiatives, Universal Capital has cultivated comprehensive expertise across diverse growth sectors. In a world marked by continual evolution, our commitment is to navigate the complexities of the digital landscape, unlocking new economic, managerial, and social opportunities crucial for thriving business development. Universal Capital is adept at addressing unique challenges and technological constraints within each sector, possessing the insight to comprehend intricate business dynamics. This nuanced understanding enables us to facilitate enduring transformations, streamline processes, and enhance organizational agility, positioning us as a strategic partner for sustained growth in an ever-changing business environment.

Charity & Donation


Aiming to foster a better world, our focus is dedicated to safeguard nature and wildlife, combating global poverty and hunger, and advocating for transparency and freedom of the press. This initiative reflects a commitment to addressing critical global challenges and contributing to positive change on multiple fronts.








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