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Universal Capital's Fund02 illustrated strong growth figures the past year based on an overall positively developing cryptocurrency market. Further assets have been added to the portfolio participating in the positive growth outlook for metaverse projects. The entire portfolio has been re-balanced end of the year to maintain an optimal asset allocation.

Finding attractive venture capital investments has been challenging and, a result, Fund01 has been further focused on the in-house project.


Fund03 further contributed to the overall result providing liquidity for potential investments in 2022.    


Universal Capital finished a year with continuous focus on its active trading fund and sub-brand UC Trading. Fund01 remained unchanged; no investments have been placed the past year due to the economic uncertainty. Fund02 remained unchanged as well but illustrated great growth figures due to an overall significantly increasing cryptocurrency market. Fund03 developed positively and further strengthened UC’s capital fundament. Moreover, the sub-brand UC Trading benefited from an increased online coaching demand and contributed positively to the yearly result. Finally, a percentage of the profits have been transferred to Fund04 in order to donate for good causes and contribute to a better world.

In 2021, the focus will be on growing the active trading part including the sub-brand UC Trading. In line with the global economic outlook, investments in Fund01 are considered. Fund03 will be reviewed and assets holding percentages will be balanced accordingly.


Universal Capital experienced positive feedback and brand acceptance with its sub-brand UC Trading the past months. The project was intensified resulting in a separated business and additional VC investment. UC Trading aims to further grow in the futures trading and online coaching segment.


Universal Capital's investments are executed conscientiously and with regards to UC’s ethical business conduct. In order to further underline that approach a percentage of the profits will be transferred to a newly established donation fund dedicated to good causes – Fund04. Donations may be used to protect nature and wildlife, fight global poverty and hunger as well as to support transparency and freedom of press.


Universal Capital finished a year with continuous developments in their investment and growth efforts. The Fund01 remained unchanged but illustrated mainly positive developments with its investments. Similarly, the Fund03 made sound profits despite a volatile second half of the year. Fund03 fund provided continuous gains to further grow the business in 2020.

In 2020, the focus will be on further growing the active trading part and, consequently, slowly increasing the investment shares in Fund01 and Fund02 as well as establishing an additional fund dedicated to good causes.


Universal Capital has expanded their active trading arm and has launched the sub-brand UC Trading. This brand strategy enables to specifically grow in the trading segment by targeting complementary areas. In order to create brand awareness and build a relevant audience, UC Trading has started an Instagram profile posting educational content concerning futures trading.


Fund03, an active trading fund focusing on futures trading has been launched. The fund trades various futures contracts such as index markets, commodities and currency pairs. The fund is short-term oriented.


Fund02, a diversified cryptocurrency fund with a focus on cryptocurrency coins illustrating different purposes and usability has been launched. The fund is long-term oriented.

Fund01, a venture capital fund has been launched focusing on startups in the early stage and invests globally in companies acting in growth sectors. The fund is long-term oriented.


The project "Universal Capital" has been launched

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