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At Universal Capital, we focus on identifying industries that offer significant return opportunities and strategically combine them within our investment portfolio. Our portfolio is a carefully curated mix of funds, each targeting distinct sectors, including venture capital, cryptocurrency, collectibles and futures trading.

Diverse Investment Horizons

Our investment approach is as diverse as the industries we engage with. Each fund in our portfolio is designed to generate returns within different time horizons, catering to a range of investment strategies. Specifically, Universal Capital engages in venture capital adopting a long-term perspective, seeking to nurture and support innovative ventures for sustainable growth. In cryptocurrencies and collectibles designed for mid-term gains with a focus on the evolving world of digital assets aiming to capitalize on the transformative potential of cryptocurrencies and its underlying technologies as well as derivate trading geared toward short-term results tailored to navigate the dynamic futures trading markets with precision and agility.



Navigating Our Investment Portfolio

Exploring Universal Capital's investment portfolio provides a distinctive and comprehensive insight into our multifaceted approach to investment, as well as our unwavering commitment to ethical conduct. Within this portfolio, each fund serves as a manifestation of a unique strategy and philosophy meticulously crafted to not only deliver tangible value to our esteemed investors but also to actively contribute to positive societal and environmental impacts. Our dedication goes beyond financial returns, emphasizing the integration of responsible and sustainable practices into our investment strategies, thereby exemplifying our mission to create a harmonious balance between profitability and positive global influence.

Invest with Purpose

Recognizing that the essence of wealth creation extends beyond mere financial returns, we firmly believe in the profound impact that lasting positive change can bring. A thorough exploration of our comprehensive investment portfolio unveils our unwavering commitment to a dual-pronged approach: the pursuit of prudent financial management coupled with a dedicated promotion of ethical values. In each facet of our portfolio, we strategically align our investments with a vision that transcends profitability alone, emphasizing the importance of ethical considerations and sustainable practices. Our commitment stands as a testament to the belief that true wealth encompasses both financial prosperity and a broader contribution to the betterment of society.

Commitment to Ethical Business Conduct

At Universal Capital, our core belief in conducting business with the highest ethical standards is exemplified through concrete actions. To underscore and manifest our commitment to ethical business practices, we have instituted a dedicated charity fund. This fund serves as a tangible expression of our dedication to making a positive and meaningful impact on the world. Within its framework, we channel resources towards multifaceted initiatives, including the preservation of nature and wildlife, the combat against global poverty and hunger, and robust support for transparency and freedom of the press. By actively engaging in these diverse causes, we aim not only to uphold our ethical values but also to contribute significantly to creating a more sustainable, equitable, and conscientious global community.

"Successful investing is about managing risk, not avoiding it."


Abraham Graham, Entrepreneur

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